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Santa Monica Tennis Club 85 Years Old

Santa Monica Tennis Club - Founded 1928

There is a great history of tennis in this public park that features names unknown to many who play there now, originally Lincoln Park, now known as Christine Reed Park, 7th and Wilshire, Santa Monica

A tennis club was founded by four Sutton sisters (May, Florence, Violet and Ethel) who dominated Southern California tennis and left their mark on the international records as well.  May was the first American to win the singles at Wimbledon in 1905 and 1907, was the USTA National Champion in l904 and runner up in 1905; the other sisters were also ranked in the years until 1915.  The club in 1928 was then named Santa Monica Tennis Club.

May married Tom Bundy, a top ten ranked player from 1910 to 1912 and a member of the 1914 Davis Cup team.  May’s name appeared in the top ten players until 1928.  Other prominent women were Mary K. Brown; Elizabeth "Bunny" Ryan; and last, but certainly not least, Dorothy "Dodo" Cheney, daughter of May Sutton Bundy, who had won 169 national titles by 1955 (and she is still playing!).  Dodo was the first American to win the Australian singles in 1938.  Dodo is known as "The Grand Dame of Tennis."

We should also not forget Gertrude "Glamorous Gussie" Moran who was ranked in the top 10 from 1947 to 1949.  Gussie is most known in the tennis world for appearing at Wimbledon in her ruffled lace panties.  Beverly Baker was in the top ten eight times between 1948 and 1959, the year she was #1.

Jack Kramer, a man whose name is synonymous with professional tennis, said he played his first tournament in Santa Monica and won his first significant championship here.  Other prominent tennis players who competed here include Bobby Riggs, Pancho Gonzales, Ted  Schroder, Joe Hunt, Louise Brough, and Billie Jean Moffitt (King) (not against Bobby Riggs however).

A hometown hero in football and tennis, Jon Douglas played on center court here.

U.S. Open National champs Bill Tilden, Don Budge, Fred Perry and Ellsworth Vines played exhibitions here often.

Tracy Austin also had a victory here.

(Excerpts of the above history were written by Richard McNally, who was a long time member/promoter of Santa Monica Tennis Club; also an article written for The Outlook by Daniel Lewis and published 8/30/1990.)

Santa Monica Tennis Club started two tournaments which are now operated by the city of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Open, which has had as many 1,300 entries; and the Dudley Cup which is for junior players and the maximum number of players 600.  (The Dudley Cup is celebrating its 97th anniversary this year.)

Santa Monica Tennis Club, a non-profit entity, is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year and continues to be run strictly by volunteers.  The Board of Directors consists of nine members, four of which are officers:  president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  Some of the officers also act as directors.

Santa Monica Tennis Club is the same age as the Oscars, and the Culver City Bus Line.

Santa Monica Tennis Club is the "bargain basement" club of the area, which mostly includes private clubs, such as the Riviera, Mountain Gate, Beverly Hills Country Club at much higher rates.  Our current dues are $75 per year and you never pay to play on Sundays when we have open play (at least 40 Sundays per year).  We have a web page:  www.SantaMonicaTennisClub.com, which publishes a bi-monthly newsletter showing current events and a membership list, which is password protected, and we are developing an "On Call" column where you can meet up with people to play other than on Sundays. We also have Friday night socials, Action Ball, interclub events, as well as tournaments.

Won’t you come join our rich history of great tennis and lots of fun.

For more information on joining the Santa Monica Tennis Club, please inquire to David King. Membership Director at: (310) 281-3196

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts.

Marguerite Jorgensen



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