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Questions And Answers

Dynamic NTRP ratings will be used to:

* Produce better year-end NTRP ratings based on all previous match
  results and the use of national benchmark NTRP ratings
* Determine "clearly above level" players
* Produce Dynamic ratings at any point in time to establish ratings for
  players that begin prior to January 1st of the championship year

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What is different?

Dynamic NTRP allows players to self-rate instead of attending verification clinics. Disqualifications will be handled directly by the NTRP program.

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How does it work?

Players will register through Tennis Link. If they have a valid computer rating on file in the database it will confirm their eligibility for the team. If they have no rating on file the player will be required to answer questions during the registration process and the computer will suggest a rating.  The player will either accept the rating, select a different (higher) rating, or appeal the rating (to a lower rating).  After each match, the captain will enter the scores online in Tennis Link. These results will be calculated in the dynamic NTRP computer program. USTA will monitor the ratings and inform players if they reach the disqualification level three times based on all adult and senior matches appearing in the system.  Remember: Mixed Doubles, Super Senior Doubles, TriLevel Doubles and SCTA Doubles results do not generate dynamic ratings on a daily basis. They are calculated at the end of the year.

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Determining a Dynamic Rating

Let's use the example of a player whose end-of-year rating was a 3.8.

  • First match rating is a 4.0. Average of the 3.8 and the 4.0 is a 3.9 dynamic rating.
  • Second match rating is 4.2. Average of 3.8, 4.0 & 4.2 is a 4.0 dynamic rating.
  • Third match rating is 3.8. Average of 3.8, 4.0, 4.2 & 3.8 is a 3.95 dynamic rating.
  • From that point on the rating from the most current match and the last three dynamic ratings are averaged to determine the new dynamic rating.

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Are we all subject to Dynamic NTRP?

All players o have the following ratings: M, T, S and A are subject to Dynamic NTRP.

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When will a new player begin receiving Dynamic Ratings?

New players will begin to generate a dynamic NTRP rating after their first match against a player who has an NTRP computer rating.

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Why will some players be DQ'd under the Dynamic Ratings?

Dynamic NTRP ratings will be run by the computer to determine if any players are "clearly above level" using the current disqualification procedure guidelines. Players will be disqualified if they achieve the currently established "clearly above level" status three times based on all matches reported in the national database for Adult and Senior divisions. This includes all match play in Adult and Senior divisions in all sections. Remember, you must reach this disqualification level three times during the championship league year in order to be disqualified.

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Are only DQ'd self-raters being re-rated?

Players who have been DQ'd whether they are self-rated or have a computer rating will keep the new rating for the remainder of the year, unless they are DQ'd at the new rating before year end.

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I want to see my rating during the year. How can I?

You will not be able to view the dynamic NTRP ratings during the year. These numbers will be used solely by administration to track play, identify those clearly above level and to finally assist with year-end benchmarking and ratings.

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For how long is my computer rating current?

Computer ratings remain current unless a player does not participate in USTA Adult, Senior, Super Senior, Mixed Doubles, TriLevel and SCTA Doubles League for three consecutive years. Exception: Two years for seniors 60 years & older.

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What are benchmark players and how are their ratings determined?

Benchmark players are players who competed in the USTA League Tennis National, Section Championships and/or Area Playoffs.  They produce ratings for all league players based on direct or indirect match results.

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May I compete in two different USTA League Tennis programs (adult, mixed doubles, and senior) at the same time?

Yes, players may compete on an Adult, Mixed Doubles, Senior, Super Senior, TriLevel and SCTA Doubles team that run simultaneously.

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I'm a 3.5 player. May I play in a 4.0 league?

Yes, but to keep play competitive, players are encouraged to play at his/her NTRP level.

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What factors can affect my rating?

Your rating is affected by the following:
   ** your partner's rating
   ** your opponent's rating(s)
   ** the scores of the match (indicating the competetiveness of the match)
   ** win/loss (least important) 
   ** indirect match results against benchmark players

Your rating is not affected by what position you play, your team's standing, your age or the division you're playing in.

For more information, contact Madeline Segura: Segura@scta.usta.com.

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